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When is Demolishing the Right Choice?

If your home starts to feel too small, you may have considered demolishing it and starting over. But sometimes selling your house or just renovating it is the answer to your expansion problems. So don’t call the wrecking crew just yet- look at your options and consider what the right choice is for you.

Are you Renovating?

Renovation is ideal for people in need of more space who have houses with solid foundations. If your house is in good condition and adding a room or just changing some of the rooms you have will work, then there may be no need to demolish.  Renovating can also be a good way to ensure you have a place to stay while the necessary changes are being made.

But take into consideration your changing needs and if your current house can keep up. For example, do you want to expand your house because your kids are growing up or you have new additions to the family? Renovating may not be enough if the rooms your children are in now are not suitable to meet their growing needs.

Maybe you are Selling?

Sometimes selling your house and finding a new place to live is the best choice for you. If you have a high value property home that simply cannot meet your needs, then selling it off can give you the start you need to get the home that’s right for you.

But if you live in a very old home that’s in serious need of fixing up before it is ready for the buyer’s market, demolition could actually save you money. Building a new home on an old home’s location can drastically increase your property value.

Let’s get this straight.. you are Demolishing?

If you love your property, but you’re not thrilled about the house sitting on it, demolition is probably your best choice. This is especially true if you have a house that is not high value or that is in need of some serious repairs.

Sometimes starting over on a property you already like is the way to go.

If you have considered renovating your current house, you should ask yourself if the renovation will be enough to make you happy in five, ten or fifteen years. Decide how long you plan on staying in your house. Will the renovations create a house that will meet your needs for that long, or will you simply have to renovate again in a few years?

With demolition, you can plan ahead effectively and get a house that is future-proofed- one that will meet your needs now and for the years to come. You may be able to build a house that will fetch a higher price on the market than you current house would when the time comes to sell.

Before you make a drastic decision, calculate the costs and see how it adds up. Renovating your house, putting it up for sale, or tearing it down and building new are all expensive endeavours. None of these should be entered into lightly, so choose the option that is right for you.


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